25 March 2014


I love vintage clothing. I love looking at it...I love feeling the fabrics...I love looking at the impeccable workmanship...I love thinking about who wore it and where they were going.


I've tried on vintage clothing, but boy oh boy...those women were so June Cleaver-esque...with petite frames and teensy tiny waists. As a child, I remember my cousin and I trying to find something to do while our family was vacationing at my grandmother's house. Grandma was an excellent seamstress and had created several prom dresses for my aunt...circa 1950's. The pastel tulle and satin dresses were crammed in an upstairs closet of their hot stuffy farmhouse. Even then, with our pre-pubescent figures, we'd huff and puff to squeeze into those dresses and put to the test every double stitched seam and metal zipper.

All that to say, I ran across a lovely vintage clothing store in Michigan called Dear Golden. They also have an Etsy shop that I spent an hour or so just looking at the gorgeous pieces. Here are a few for you to oooo and ahhh over. Enjoy the stroll down memory lane. They don't design or make them like this anymore, Miss Bea

07 March 2014

...a few of my favorite things

From all the 2014 Fall Fashion shows...here are my picks of things I would love to have in my closet. Mind you...these are not my 'fantasy' outfits...like red carpet looks, but actual things I would wear...if, of course, they would call and ask me to take it off their hands.

Alberta Ferreti
Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana
Holly Fulton 
Josie Natori (really loved everything in her show)
Lanvin (I love the fur shrug idea sans the buttons. But
it kind of looks like they upholstered the thing to her chest)
Luisa Beccaria
Josie Natori
Paul & Joe (luh-uhv the slouchy suede boots)
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
To dream the impossible dream...sigh, Miss Bea